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Sloth DJ's, well lets just say they ant quite right in the head?

Sloth Radio Network DJ's are just a bit off center. Possessing a unique personality that allows them to see the world at a slightly different angel then most. This gives the Sloth Radio Network its own unusual personalities that set us apart from the other radio stations. Make no mistake, you have fun listening to The Sloth Radio Network! Not only will you enjoy listing to the off center humor.

Name: Sean Moore
Age: 54
Favorite Food: Pizza, Popcorn, Wings and Steak
Hobbies: Music, Computers, Railroad/Trains, Droid Building
Graduated from: Ripley Central, Ripley NY. Class of 1988
Playing the characters of:
  • Announcer guy
  • Slee The Sloth

  • GrandPa Sloth

  • Cuz Billy - Bob Sloth

  • I spent most of my high school years DJ'ing with my best friend ( Kevin D. ) in a group called ' Young Blood'. The group spent the 80's playing at various schools and events around the Chau. County. Those where most certainly some of the best times in my life, as I often look back to the 80's and the experiences that I had with Young Blood. I'd like to thank Kevin and all those roadie's that help make up our show. Kevin and I had dreams of becoming rock stars. Although we never made it there, we got to taste the life of a rock star just a bit. Even though we where playing pre recorded music, Kevin's awesome light show set the stage and let us feel the energy from the crowded and that was really something I'll never forget.

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    Name: Melissa Moore
    Age: 23
    Favorite Food: Pasta, Ribs, Subway, Chinese Food
    Hobbies: Music, Internet, Shopping, PlayStation, Computers
    Graduated from: Still severing sentence, four years until release

    Playing the characters of:
  • Sneaky the Sloth

  • Melissa brings her character "Sneaky", to life with the charm that only Melissa can bring to it. Sneaky is always just a few steps ahead of Slee and Grandpa Sloth. Melissa started to play the role of Sneaky when she was only 23 years old. She gives her character a unique quality all
    of her own.

    Name: Leroy E. Bearce
    Age: 53
    Favorite Food: Chinese food, Sea Food
    Hobbies: Bowling in winter and golfing in summer. Riding motorcyle is my relaxing time.
    Graduated from: Ripley Central, Ripley NY. Class of 1988

    Happily married to Christine Sue Bearce of 8 years with 2 daughters Rikki and Trudi with 3 grandkids: Rubie Sue, Ruhga Benjamin and Hurlee Carlton.

    Playing the characters of:
  • Skippy The Sloth

  • I'm a fun loving, excited and loving life, an all american guy. I graduated from Ripley Central high school, in the same class as Sean Moore. I was consider the class clown and had no problems keeping my classmates entertained, and at the same time managed to annoy some of my teachers as well.

    Comment from Sean Moore:

    I want to welcome Leroy to The Sloth family. I can attest to this, in class when Leroy was around there was never a dull moment. If any of our classmates where to have a bad day Leroy was always there to try and put a smile on our faces. Leroy was also a lot of fun at the dances that Kevin and I DJ’ed at. If you see Leroy, Just ask him if he still fry’s like bacon to the song Wipe Out. O what a site that was.

    Name: Christine Foxx
    Age: 32
    Favorite Food: Sea Food, Crabs, fish
    Hobbies: Boys, Music, Internet, shopping, camping
    Graduated from: Irique High, Laurence Park PA.

    It seems that I currently live in cyber space. I hope one day to get out and see the world, but for now I stuck in this box, within an imaginary world, I call my life.

    Name: Max Headroom

    Max Headroom has come to the Sloth Radio NetWork with his wacky stile and great wit. he is also bringing some of those great 80's music that we all loved, if only he can get along with Grandpa Sloth. It seems that no matter what Max dose Grandpa Sloth is there to spoil the fun.

    Max Headroom's TV History:
    Max Headroom was one of the most innovative science fiction series ever produced for American television, an ambitious attempt to build upon the cyberpunk movement in science fiction literature. The character of Max Headroom, the series's unlikely cybernetic protagonist, was originally introduced in a 1984 British television movie, produced by Peter Wagg, and starring Canadian actor Matt Frewer. ABC brought the series to American television in March 1987, refilming the original movie as a pilot but recasting most of the secondary roles. The ABC series attracted critical acclaim and a cult following, but only lasted for fourteen episodes. The anarchic and irreverent Max went on to become an advertising spokesman for Coca-Cola and to host his own talk show on the Cinemax cable network.

    Lead Audio Engineer

    Name: Jimmy Bean
    Age: 18
    Favorite Food:Sea Food, ham, fish, bugs
    Hobbies: Sleeping, running, being outsdie
    Graduated from: Feline technical communications universities With a degree in BS and MS Mouse.

    Jimmy Bean:

    I like to spend most of my time sleeping. I like to chase anything that?s on the move and a few things that aren?t even moving. My specialty is to unsnarl those pesky audio cables that connect the various station audio device. I have also found that when Slee is working at his desk, this is time when he needs me to brush my fur in his face and plop down on that pesky paperwork.