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     It is most unfortunate that Apple has not allowed
   the Side loading of Apple apps. With the recent
   release of iOS 9 NOW allows you to side load
   apps on to your iPhone. Sadly this is not an option
   for the faint of heart. But do not worry, we got our
   apple listeners covered! For APPLE listeners who
   have a web browser that supports a flash player,
   you can still listen to Sloth Radio NetWork
   on your Apple device. Just see option No. 1.
   For those who are well versed in the new Apple
   IOS 9 you can download the Sloth Radio NetWork
   APP in Apple format.

     Option No. 1

Click here to listen now!
    You will find the same button on the main page.
    Then go to Mobil options, I phone browsers.
    Or click on "Mobile APPS" for more options.

     Option No. 2