Ho scale EMD 710 20 Cyl.
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Ho scale EMD 710 20 Cyl.
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Ho scale EMD 710 20 Cyl.
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Ho Scale EMD 710 20 Cyl.

Phantom Hobbies models and model kits are now printed on a 3D Photon, resin based printer. This gives the model awesome detail and a nice smooth finish. There is a huge difference between these models and our older versions. 


These highly detailed EMD 710 prime movers are 3D printed in resin. In this listing you get 2x 710 prime movers. 1x is a fully built EMD 710 prime mover with one valve cover lid opened to expose the valve and lifter details. 1x EMD 710 prime mover that is partially stripped or undergoing a rebuild. Please note that the EMD 710 comes in 8, 12, 16 and 20 Cyl. (cylinder) versions, see auction title for the cylinder version associated with this listing / auction. Each cylinder type ( 8,12,16 and 20 ) stripped block version is offered in a different level of being stripped down or rebuild. Some have all the access holes open while others have only a few and may vary from side to side.  Some have had valves and lifters removed from one or more sides where others have had all the valves and lifters removed. Some have access panels removed to expose inner working of gears. The front cover of the turbo charges has been removed to expose the turbo blades. The alternator has also been removed. Note: The EMD 710's do NOT come with a separate alternator. The end bells on all of the stripped down blocks hare the same. Each having piping and different appliances removed.

 These EMD 710 prime movers can be added to your locomotive shop or installed in a locomotive with sections of the shell cut away or with access doors open. They can be mounted on flatcars or can be just sitting out side the locomotive shop.

* These prime movers are pre assembled but will need painted. 

Length:  85.59 mm. APP.

Height:  28.46 mm. APP.

Width:   17.08 mm. APP.

Scale:   Ho scale

A word about our  Resin 3D printed models 

These are unpainted / unassembled 3D Photon resin based model kits. They may  require assembly and painting. 

Please Note:  that our previous 3D printed models were FDM / PLA based. These are our NEW Photon resin based kits. In some cases these are the same kits as before but printed in RESIN instead of PLA. In other cases we have added some details we felt where missing. The Resin printers we now have offer incredible resolution and details that are far superior to our previous kits. 

We specialize in hard to find model railroad equipment and are we are always looking for new product ideas. So if you have been looking for a piece of model railroad equipment and you just can not find it, drop us a line. Please be aware that while we would like to except every idea that our customers and friends submit, we are limited in resources and time. But we would love to hear your ideas.  

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Shes a big one.
Need a new heart for your EMD F45? look no further. This prime mover is detailed, from the turbo inducer to the oil sump return lines. This can also be used to power a tugboat or a stand alone generator . You might have to use a brush to get primer into all the little details even using Tamiya fine primer spray can. Valve covers can easily be cut and attached closed. Exhuast details can be added to suit models needs.
Timothy Stoecklin
Phantom Hobbies specializes in hard to find maintenance of way equipment in Ho and N scale.

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