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Ho scale EMD 710 12 Cyl.
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Ho scale Alco 244 12 Cyl.
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Ho scale Alco 244 12 Cyl.
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Ho scale Alco 244 12 Cyl.
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Ho scale Alco 244 12 cyl. Prime Mover

This auction /   listing is for two (x2) ho scale Alco 244 12 cyl. prime movers. You will receive one (x1) fully built up Alco 244 12 cyl. prime mover with generator and one (x1) striped down Alco 244 12 cyl. block that looks as if it is ready for rebuild. These models are fully built and ready to be painted to match your modeling seen.

This is by far one of our finest detailed models to date!

This model is resin based and 3d printed.

These prime movers will look great in your junk yard seen or in your locomotive repair shop. You can also put them in locomotives with sections of there shells cut out to reveal the prime mover. This kit comes complete assembled. Painting is optional.  

Height: 26.45 mm. app.

Width: 19.34 mm. app.

Length: 63.67 mm. app.

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Item Reviews
Detailed 244
This is a beautiful, detailed mover. The big fat turbo is spot on, even has the hole for the exhaust. This model would be awesome for a teardown diarama or a stand alone piece of equipment.
Timothy Stoecklin
Phantom Hobbies specializes in hard to find maintenance of way equipment in Ho and N scale.

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