N scale M of W Power container gen.
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N scale M of W Power container gen.
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N scale M of W Power container gen.
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N scale Power container gen.set 


This 3d printed highly detailed power container model will add extra realism to your model railroad, N of W and Camp car scene or other M of W work sites.  

Add this power generator car on a siding with some of the Phantom Hobbies camp cars and track equipment, or any other M of W model railroad scene that needs power. Then watch your model railroad step up a several notches on the realism scale! Wether these fine looking power generator cars are rolling along the tracks with a string of camp cars, on there way to the next job site, or sitting at the work camp / work site or even at an industrial siding. They will greatly add realism to your model.


The detailing on this power car is really sweet. This is one of those models that just took on a life of its own. Check out these fine details and features:


The power container shell comes with fixed open doors that invite you to look in and see the highly detailed interior. The container shell is easily removed to revile  the highly detailed diesel generating power set. The power container and generator can be mounted on the a semi trailer or it can be set off on its own.


The container power generator includes the fallowing: 

*  x1 (one) 26 foot Power container shell / body.

*  x1 (one) Diesel motor and generator interior set.


Power container:

Length: 56.48 mm. app.

Height: 20.21 mm. app.

Width:  16.76 mm. app.

Scale: N scale


The model you will receive is unfinished and unpainted.

*  Model may need some sanding and or filing before.

* This model dose not require assembly. 

*  Pictures of finished, painted, assembled, model for your reference only. Items seen but  not listed above, IE: scenery or other models and  details in reference photos are not included. These reference photos show how a finished model may look in a model railroading environment.

* This model is 3d Photon printed in resin.


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N scale M of W Power container gen.


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