Ho scale high tracker
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Ho scale high tracker
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Ho scale high tracker
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 Ho scale Hy Tracker   ( Gondola Crane on rails )

The Phantom Hy Tracker is a 3D printed resin model kit. That is essentially a tie crane that runs on its own set of rails clamped on to the top of a hopper or gondola rail car. This model has adjustable side griper arms, so it will fit most any Ho scale rail car. It has a cab that can rotate 180*. The Hy tracker can travel back and forth along its own rail platform.

Note that this is an UN POWERED model. This model has a two (x2) segment boom that is positionable. The clamp or bucket can swing back and forth but the clamp is fixed, ( it can NOT open or close). Note the wheels on the cart are fixed and do not turn, but tehy do slide nicely along the platform rails.

Height: 46.02 mm.

Width: 29.29 mm.

Length: 95.21

This model kit is easy to assemble. Some gluing, sanding and filing as well as painting will be required.

** This model kit is resin based 3D printed.

** The model you will receive is unfinished and will not be painted.

** The model will need assembly and painting. Any photos of finished models, locomotives and or other models then  the "Hy Tracker" are not included in this auction / listing. Finished or painted, assembled models are shown to give you the modeler an idea on how his or her finished model may look when placed in a model railroad seen. Other vehicles and or equipment not included.

Shipping Note:

This item ships by USPS flat rate box. While this is a tad bit more expensive then our normal shipping, we have had issues with broken frames. So we now ship by USPS small Flat Rate Box.

There are: 0 in stock.

** Please note that there may be a 2 to 3 week
shipping delay, on all orders with out of stock items.

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Hy Tracker...
Not a bad "starter" kit to be superdetailed, and some parts made to look the part, but could use a LOT of refining to make things a little more "fine" or well the boom, needs to be made "lighter" not so heavy. BUT with a little wrk I think it come out pretty nice if done right! A little cleaning of parts and all but over-all not bad to work with!
Ho scale high tracker

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