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The resin we use is photo / light sensitive. It is imperative that you put a coat of primer paint on your models without delay. After we print the parts / models, we put them in a wash with 95% ethanol or 95% isopropyl alcohol to remove any resin residue. The models are then put in an UV light chamber to cure. Even after the parts / models have been cured in the UV chamber, the curing process may continue if exposed to light and that may cause the model to become brittle and or crack.

  • Note: It is important to remember that Resin models will crack or snap before they bend.
  • Paint or primer your models as soon as you get them, with out delay.
  • Use several thin coats of paint. It is easy to cover over some of the fine details.
  •  If your model appears to ooze or sweat / leak resin you should was it in 95% ethanol or 95% isopropyl alcohol    and  then expose to sunlight for roughly an hour. The primer at once with no delays.
  • Do not ingest or take internally, parts made of resin. Keep away from children.
  • Do not get liquid resin on your skin, wash with plenty of fresh water immediately.
  • Resin in liquid form may cause allergic reaction. If this happens get medical treatment at once.

Parts accidentally broken during assembly?

We have your back! Send us a picture of the part or parts that were broken during assembly and we will replace them. You only pay shipping. Use our contact page. See our policies page for more info.




  • We recommend using a CA ( Cyanoacrylate ) based super glue.
  • Note: CA ( Cyanoacrylate ) based super glue sets PERMANENTLY in just two (2 - 5 ) seconds, with this type of resin. Be sure to test fit all parts before gluing. Once the part is glued in place, that's is where it stays for ever. 
  • We tested several different manufactures, "model cement". Of all the glue designed for "plastic model kits" that we tested, each failed after a few days.    


  • Wash and rinse all parts / models thoroughly before painting.

  • You must put a coat of primer paint on your models as soon as you receive them. The resin we use to print our resin based models with is UV / light sensitive. While we ran the models / parts threw a UV curing chamber, further exposure to light my cause the models / parts to cure farther and this could crack or damage your models.
  • Use several thin coats of paint, as it is easy to fill in or cover up the fine details in some of these models. 
  • Painting green resin  It is best to paint a coat of gray primer then several thin coats of the final color.
  • Official colors ( Colors used on Phantom Hobbies display models ).


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