Phantom Hobbies

Official colors

This is a listing of the paint colors used on Phantom Hobbies display models. These are the models that we build and paint and then use in our listings / auctions. Please note that these colors may change without notice.



The original Phantom Hobbies models that where printed in PLA filament where painted with Krylon Color Master Gloss Pumpkin Orange. Found at Wal-Mart.


  Newer Phantom Hobbies models printed in resin on a Photon type printer are usually painted with Krylon Color Master Gloss Citrus Green

A quick note on primers.

 While we do NOT have a “ official primer “, its best to use a lighter color of gray. However a darker color gray primer with a light coat of pumpkin orange or the citrus green will come out looking somewhat weathered and used.

 For the fresh paint new from the showroom look use several thin coats. If the coats of paint are to heavy it may cover up some of the finer details in your model. 



Phantom Hobbies specializes in hard to find maintenance of way equipment in Ho and N scale.


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