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Ho scale EMD 710 16 Cyl.
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Phantom Hobbies


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( From an email ) 01/16/2019

Hi Sean,
   Wow, they look great!!! I have been a railroader for over 30 years and have worked on Alcos for much of that career. 
   Gotta say, my friend, you nailed the look!!
   Like I said earlier, put me down for two of the V-12 244s, please. Keep up the GREAT work!!!
   Michael Vassallo


( From EBay ) 1/01/2019


jbberry9 (414Turquoise Star)

Hello Again,
The GE Prime Mover I received looks excellent. I've always wanted to build one, but it looked very time consuming. I'm sure this Alco will look great on my layout too. Are there any more types you plan on building? Maybe a Fairbanks Morse opposed piston engine? That would sell to tugboat and ship modelers too. Maybe an Alco 244 or EMD 710? I love what you are doing and you have filled a missing piece of model railroading. Thanks Again.


( from YouTube ) 11/06/2018

You can finde more of our videos on YouTube @


ho-trainzman ( from EBAY ) 11/01/2018

   " Hello,

Will you folks be printing more of these Alco 251 engines ? I have searched for years for something like these. Thank you for producing these.

Anymore HO diesel engines going to be produced over time planned ? More EMD , Alco or Baldwin diesels ? 
I just bragged about finding these on a Model Railroad forum. These guys are drooling. Should get more sells hopefully.

These 3D printed 251 engines are priceless ! Thank you.

Could you try producing a crane orange peel grapple in HO at some point ? These are very hard to scratch build.

Patrick "



Phantom Hobbies specializes in hard to find maintenance of way equipment in Ho and N scale.


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