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Trimming resin models
Trimming resin models



Resin models tend to fracture instead of bending! The fracture lines are never straight and never run where you want them to!

! CAUTION!  Resin model kits are NOT TOYS.  Assembly requires the use of sharp hobby knives, glues, and paints, which can be harmful if used improperly.  Exercise extreme caution when using hobby knives – change blades often, and always cut with the blade facing AWAY from yourself.  Use all paints, glues, and accelerators in a well-ventilated area-- and always be sure to read labels for manufacturer’s warnings before use.  This type of hobby work is NOT recommended for children under 12 without an adult’s close supervision.


Preparing Parts

Whether you are building a complete resin kit, or using an aftermarket kit to convert a standard plastic kit, you will find that the resin parts are likely to need more work on them than the more normal injection molded plastic parts that you may be used to.

The quality of plastic kits on the market is very good and most modellers have become used to snipping a plastic part from the sprue and, with little or no clean-up, putting it on the model.  Unfortunately that will not be the case with resin.


Trim away the extra flaps of resin (called “sprues”) from each part.  Thinner ones can be cut with a hobby knife blade, while the thicker ones may require a hobby saw DO NOT use pliers, the model may fracture.  Be careful not to cut into the actual part!  For the best results, never cut the sprue flush with the part on the first cut!  It might sound strange, but a sprue nub is much easier to cut cleanly than a longer one.

Note that whenever cutting resin like this, or sanding it, there will be a fine dust produced which is very bad for the lungs.  Wear a filter mask and clean up your work area afterwards.


Flange care


If you accidentally break a part during assembly, please see our police page for broken parts, we got you covered!


Gluing Parts

Standard polystyrene cement which is perfect for conventional styrene models is absolutely useless for resin parts.  Poly cement works by slightly dissoving the styrene plastic, but it wll not dissolve resin and so will not work at all.  When gluing resin parts to each other, or to plastic, you will need to use either two-part epoxy glue or cyano (superglue) adhesive.  Both of these work well, so it is down to individual preference.




Phantom Hobbies specializes in hard to find maintenance of way equipment in Ho and N scale.

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