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About Us

Phantom Hobbies

Phantom Hobbies specializes in hard to find model railroad equipment in Ho and N scale. We got our start when we bought a single MakerBot Gen 5 3D printer to make Ho scale models for my own model railroad. Shortly after that a friend saw some of our work and suggested we offer them on EBay. Shortly after that it began take to take on a life of its own.

A strange name indeed. You want a business name that sticks in peoples minds. The word Phantom has been tied to me for a vary long time. Back in the early 90's I ran a small BBS or ( Computer bulletin board system ) called " The Phantom BBS". These little BBS where a precursor to the internet. Then I became know as "Phantom". In or around 1995 I and a friend started a ISP or ( Internet service provider ) called Regional Communications. That business soon evolved into a ISP / Computer shop. In 1997 my partner pulled out and I renamed my half of the business "Phantom Computers". I ran Phantom Computers until 2018.

Here at Phantom Hobbies, we listen to our customers. Many of our products are a direct result of customers requests and or Ideas. Looking for something you just can not find? Got an idea? Drop us a line we would love to hear from you! Please note that while we will certainly consider all submissions, we have limited resources in time and manpower, so we can not take on every submission. So if you have an idea we would love top hear it! --> Click here to contact us with your ideas. 

Featured Items
N scale EMD 645 Prime Mover
There are 7 in Stock!
N scale EMD 567 Prime Mover
There are 9 in Stock!
Ho scale Camp Car shell
There are 1 in Stock!
N scale Alco 251 8 cyl. Prime Mover
There are 5 in Stock!
Ho scale EMD 645 16 Cyl. Prime Mover
There are 2 in Stock!
Ho scale EMD 567 Prime Mover
There are 3 in Stock!
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