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We have started to convert our Ho scale prime movers to O scale. At this time the GE 7 FDL 16 is the only one that has been converted. Expect more to fallow. You can help make sure that the prime mover and or models you want in a new scale to show up by telling us.

O scale GE 7FDL 16


We will be releasing soon our new tie machine and a new tie crane. The new tie cranes are really sweet and have a lot more detail then our previous version. Here is a pre production picture of the Tie mechine and the tie crane just to wet your appetite.


We are now working on reworking some of our M of W track equipment models.  This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Mini Tamper ( Nearing completion as of 03/13/2019 )
  • Tie crane 
  • Ballast regulator

Some of the new features in these new models:

  • Flanged wheels with out supports.
  • Cab interior with seats and controls.
  • More accurate over all details
  • Exposed motor
  • Diamond plated walk ways
  • Hand rails
  • Fuel and hydraulic tanks
Min tamper 2.0 Pre production test photos.



The EMD 710 8,12,16 and 20 Cyl prime mover in Ho scale are now Available.


We are vary close to releasing the EMD 710 8,12,16 and 20 Cyl prime mover in Ho scale. These are really cool prime movers. We add a bunch more details on these 710 models then we have in the past models. Each of the stripped down blocks are slightly different for each cylinder version ( 8,12,16,20 ). Each version has a different level of having been stripped. Some have had more parts removed while others have had less.


The Alco 244 family is now here!


Its been a long time coming! We are sorry for the wait but the Phantom Hobbies website is now fully open for business!


N scale products listed and up for sale!


We are finally starting to print and build our inventory. We hope to start listing itmes for sale on or around 09/28/2018


A look at some of the detail on our new resin based models coming out soon!

A look at some of the detail on our new resin based models coming out soon!


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 Alco 251 prime mover in 8, 12, 16, 18 CYL in both Ho and N scale, now COMPLETED!



In may of 2018 We suspend operations due to both of our 3d printers failing. We have sense Acquired new Photon printers that have 100x print resolution. We are currently reworking our models so they are compatible with our new printers. Some of our models are having more details added and yet others are having some details we always wanted to add. Some of these details just where not support by the old printers.

We do expect a small price increase in our products. Not only is this due to the cost of new equipment, but the cost of making the models has gone up as well. Both in consumables IE: resin and processing related consumables.

We are also working on a new website. We hope to be back on line and open for business vary soon. This has been a vary exhausting process for all of us. We thank you for your patients

Some test prints from the new printers:


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