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The Phantom Computers story

Let me introduce my self, my name is Sean Moore. The owner operator of Phantom Computers. I’d like to share the Phantom Computers story with you. Not many computer shops stories begin on a fruit farm, like this one does. I was raised by my grandparents the late Dave and Rebia Pierson of Ripley New York. They ran a vary successful fruit farm in Ripley New York for many years. I watched how my grandparents, and how they treated every customer as if they were a good friend. I remember going places with my grandpa and it seemed like he knew someone everywhere we went. They were always happy to see him coming and greeted him with “ Hey Mr. Pierson, how you doing!”. Once I asked my grandpa what he like most about farming. He said: “ The farm makes feel like I’m closer to GOD. I love to see things grow and I really love the feeling I get when a satisfied customer walks out the door and I know I sold him good produce at a reasonable price. Then I’ll sleep good tonight”. When I look back its so plain to see, that they really had worked hard both in the fields and with the customers to make a small fruit farm work. I mean we had folks come as faraway as Niagara Falls or Ohio just to pick our U-pick tomatoes and peppers. Then when I was in 7th. Grade my grandparents had retired and sold their farm. Then shortly after that my grandparents bought me a TRS-80 color computer. My first computer! This was at the suggestion of my high school principle, who somehow had some incite into my computer abilities that were yet to come. It was that one computer that started me off on a life long journey. The rest is merely history now. So when you hear our slogan you will understand what we mean when we say: “ Phantom Computers, The service you deserve at prices you can ford“.

I’d like to leave you with three computer tips:

1). BACK UP YOUR FILES! Its not if but more truly like how soon will it happen to you. Someday your computer will crash, or hard drive will fail and all the files on it will be gone.

2). Dust Bunnies do KILL! Have your computer case cleaned out every 6 months. CPU heat sinks, fans and power supply fans cant cool off if they are plugged up by dust bunnies. And the if the CPU. fan gets clogged and stops turning the CPU will overheat and burn up. The same thing happens to many power supplies as well.

3). With all the virus that are out and about, keep your virus software up to date. Remember tip # 1! Also remember there are many new virus out there that try to trick you into installing virus that prevent you from using your computer, unless you pay them to remove their virus first. So if your computer reports that “Windows” has found a virus.. Stop right there, Windows its self cant detect virus. If the virus warning does not show your virus scanning software’s name or show its logo, don’t click the “remove virus” button. Just click the close button. When the virus alert does not show your virus scanners name or show its logo, its trying to trick you to install a virus that will make you pay to have that virus removed!


There has been a rash of virus that trick user into installing the virus on there computer. A window pops up and says you have several virus on your computer. Before you click on anything, make sure that you see your virus scanner software’s logo some place in the message. The logo and or name of your virus scanning software should be visible. If not click the close button. If no close button is made available press [ctrl] [alt] and [del] button. This will load the task manager program. Then find the name the program and click on it and then end task. Remember windows its self can not detect virus. So if you suddenly get a pop up that says windows has found several virus, don’t click remove unless you see your virus scanning software’s logo.

Security Tool Virus is a rogue anti-spyware program that’s distributed through websites that simulate virus scans. The user is than prompted to download the software to clean the infected PC. The tool provides false alerts of legitimate files that are needed by your Windows PC. Do not remove these files!!!


In this day and age almost all of us have valuable data stored on our computers. We save pictures, documents and even home movies on our computers. Not only do we store data from our personal life but we store job related data on our computers as well. Some of the data is well not as important as some of the other data, like say pictures from Grandmas last Christmas party, or that report that is due on Monday, You know the report that will make or break the promotion you have been waiting for. How do you put a price on this data? Will you be able to replace it?

We all have had someone tell us to back up our computers. Most of us have know someone who did not back up their data and sadly lost it. Yet we seem to put it off for another day, usually it seems as if there is not enough time to do it right now, tomorrow would be better. What if tomorrow came ad so did that nasty deleting virus? Or say tomorrow little Kimmy got her paws on the computer and managed to solve all your worries by deleting everything?

I see these things all the time in my computer shop. I often feel bad for my customers, because I know that if they took a few minuets out of there busy day to back up there data, things would have been different.

We have found many good programs out there that make backing up your computer relatively easy. To start with You need to set up Windows restorer. This will restore your operating system in event of a crash. But we aware that it dose not restore your personal files. Click here for more information on windows / System Restore Here at phantom computers we use “Norton Ghost“ and Nero Back It Up Both are fine programs and do the job. You can also check our resources page here at Phantom Computers, for more useful utilities.

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