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Dear Valued Customer, I wanted to extend my thanks to all of you, for helping to making this year special here at Phantom Computers. To show our appreciation, you will find 3 gift certificates enclosed with this letter. Note the first one, valued at $15 and is colored Blue is for you. The remaining two, valued at $10 each. One red and one green are for your friends. Of course you can save the remaining two for your self, that’s up to you!

Did you say you needed more stocking stuffers? You can get more FREE gift certificates for your friends! Just go online to: and click on the Phantom Computers icon. Then click on “Computer Repair Center”, then from the menu on the right click on “Coupons/Discounts ”, then right click on the Coupon/Gift certificate and click “print target”. Give one to all you’re friends!

One a side note. I’d like to take a quick moment of your time and tell you a bought our internet radio station. Insanity runs supreme on the Sloth Radio NetWork. Run by a family of dysfunctional Sloth's who cant seem to get anything right. You'll hear the best music from the 80's and 70's with some of the 90's music thrown in just for spice. Follow Slee The Sloth, (Grand Pa Sloth describes him best: He's just not right in the head), Sneaky the sloth (the youngest sloth ling in the bunch), Grand Pa sloth (supposedly the older and wiser one of the bunch), and Cu-zen Billy Bob sloth (a good old southern boy who is at odds with him self), and A few more old ball characters. So sit back and relax with some great music and have a few laughs while your at it! Listen for free at: and click on the Sloth icon!

Thanks once a gin and have a safe and happy holiday season!

Sean P. Moore


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