Welcome to the Norfolk Southern
Val Valley subdivision
In Ho (1/87) scale

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At this time both this website and the Val Valley model railroad are under construction. Some pages may not yet be finished.

Val Valley is a fictitious/freelance subdivision of The Norfolk Southern railroad. Val Valley can be found at a the crossroads where a mythical place and a physical place came together in a 9 year olds mind. As a child I had a favored sitter who lived in a small town near Erie PA. called Belle Valley As a youngster I always called it Val Valley. Every day at 5:30 AM my mother drove me to the sitters in Belle Valley and every day we crossed the same railroad crossing. Every day I looked up and down the line hard and long up and down the train tracks hoping to see a train coming along. I remember one day after my mother got out of work and picked me up, that we had to weight for a train on that crossing. While my mother was unhappy in having to wait for the train to pass. For me as a youngster, it was a purely magical moment. From that day forth Val Valley became a mystical, magical place of railroad intrigue.

Having departed from modeling in HO scale some 10 years ago to pursue interest in G scale, I'm now returning to HO scale and my beloved Norfolk Southern. I wanted this new model railroad to represent my most favorite things in railroading. I soon found that was going to be a tall order for a 12 foot x 9.5 foot room.

History of the Val Valley Railroad

The Mighty "V"

The Val Valley railroad was a busy little short line that made its money collecting coal from coalmines strung out threw the valley and delivering it to the Norfolk and Western railroad. The mighty V as she became know as also made some revenue contenting the local communities along the way with the out side world, threw the Norfolk and Western railroad. At some point the Norfolk and Western swallowed the mighty V hole. Latter, after several mergers the remnants of the mighty V became a subdivision of the Norfolk Southern railroad.

The Mighty V refuses to just fade into history. Many of her landmarks still exist today. The old roundhouse, turntable as well as the old water tower can still be found down in Pierson yard. The local historical society has restored the old Still Water depot. The Mighty V's single track main line has been well cared for over the years and recently expanded to a dual track main. The old line sees a wide verity of modern traffic. While only one of the Mighty V's branch lines is still in existence to day. The Mighty V may owe her modern day existence to the last remaining branch line running from Wallace JCT. to Sutton and the profitable coal mines along the Sutton branch. The Sutton branch earns most of its revenue from coal traffic that services a large Power plant in the Pierson yard. The branch still sees some regular freight service to and from Sutton. Where a few industries do there part to help to keep the old branch alive.